━ Easy College Outfits for Winter

Thursday, January 05, 2017

❆Hello Guys!❆

As we know, for us, homo sapiens living in the northern half of the globe it's winterrrrr! So, I put together three outfits using very basic statement pieces which I'm sure most of us have in our wardrobes! I really like creating such lookbook-ish, I find it sooo Vogue! ❤ So, let me know if there are any other themes you'd like me to follow! 
Hope, you like these! Many more to come!



━ Chandigarh Travel Diary + Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Hello guys!! Firstly, Happy New Year! ❤

So, last year Mom and I went to visit my sister who lives in Chandigarh. Chandigarh, the first planned city of India is a very posh and contemporary city. The elegant Elante (my favourite place in Chandigarh), the Serene Sukhna Lake, a total jogger's paradise, Sector 17 and the eclectic Rock Garden are the place where we spend our evening strolling around. Shopping is great in Chandigarh as you get high end brands to  pure street shopping bliss in Sector 22. Chandigarh is a beautiful place where you can just go out for a stroll when boredom hits and explore all the contemporary houses around it. Close by is Panchkula, the place with the prettiest houses and lovely street food! ♥

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The Pink Lippies Review

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hello guys! This is gonna be my last post for 2016 and I hope you guys have an amazing 2017! ♥ I have many amazing things planned for the blog and my life for 2017 and I hope to share it with you guys along the way. 

So, the lipstick I got are Elle 18 Colour Pop in the shade Hot Pink. The colour is absolutely amazing and it is super moisturizing + it is super cheap. Only downside is, it does not have great staying power, but for the price, I think it's really good.

Next, I was actually gifted this one and I had been wanting a matte pink lipstick for a long time so, this one is the Maybelline Colorshow Creamy Matte Lipcolor in the shade Pop of Pink. I don't like the feel initially since it's powdery but later it isn't so bad, however, the colour is really pretty but i'd recommend this for people with a fair skin tone as otherwise, it tends to make your face look flushed out. Also, it has a great staying power.

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━ How I am prepping for 2017 ♥

Thursday, December 22, 2016

So, I am a person that always has a mental to-do list. And I am a procrastinator, so, you can tell it doesn't go very well. But, I've always love stationeries and planners and journals(though I lose go on haitus sometimes)and I came across this concept of bullet journaling a few months ago and I think this new year is a PERFECT time to start doing it. This method seems very convenient, versatile and fast. I really can't wait to start bullet journaling this year and Buzzfeed's guide is something that is interesting, to the point and very clear. By far my favourite bullet journaling guide.

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━ Life

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A lot happened when I was in haitus, I wouldn't necessarily call it bad or good but it was new and I would it all over again. Life is always gonna happen to you and you have to take it all in. Always. Sometimes, it takes time, maybe a few days, a couple of months or couple of years. but you have to know that nothing that happens is bigger than life itself and you have to keep telling it to yourself until you start believing it.

So, in the last couple of months, I chopped off my long curly locks, that's something I haven't done since kindergarten, I have been trying to go easy on myself for everything and accept whatever I have and do it well. Hopefully, this semester will been as good as the last ones. I am starting to a little stressed about my career and have my mini anxiety attacks but "This to shall pass.''

Things I have been loving :
Things I want to be doing :
  • Study well.
  • Be a better photo editor
  • Learn mixing
  • Read more books from the college library
  • Find time to play basketball <3
  • Eat cleaner


Favourites !

Friday, June 17, 2016

Just a quick post to share my favourite things from the past week or so!

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12 year old Grace VanderWaal for America's Got Talent

Power Hour 

This Tumblr post.

I personally think Gigi Hadid's Atleisure game is bang on!


College and Budget!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

College is a frantic time. All those classes, clubs, events, weekends, friends, last minute projects and then there is maxing out credit cards or being totally broke only after half the month. That's why it's always smarter to organize the budget and work on saving up. Here are a few tips from me but to really know the tricks, it's better to learn it from the pros like Credit Card Insider who are absolute experts at handling credit cards and credits. When life throws college at you, you suddenly feel stripped off all the privileges and real life smacking right at your face, Credit Card Insider has many recommendations for student credit cards and will help you pick out the perfect card to go through this "traumatic" few months.

Save first, then spend.
This has been the most helpful tip I ever came across. Most people save what is left behind after they spend but the wiser way is to first have a realistic saving and then make a reasonable budget with what is left.
Make a monthly budget.
This is very obvious. I'm still working on the art of staying withing the limit but this is one of best ways to save. I heard somewhere that it is always better to plan in such a way that the budget is lower than expected so that, even if you exceed, you stay within a "happy" budget.

Gather more friends for a night out.
Now, since we're talking about college, this is by far my tried, tested and approved formula. It's always nice to have a large group to go out with since then, splitting the bill is easier on your pocket. One might think, the ratio is always same, but trust me! It's not. You might be surprised how much with the amount and variety you get when you start sharing. ;)

Understand the difference between "needs" and "wants".
College is a time when even the princesses have barely make it through sometimes(financially). To make it easier, learn to prioritize things. Learn to differentiate between needs and wants, You don't wanna spend money on a couple of lipstick that you just to add to your collection and miss out on that trip you are planning for this summer,

Walk a lot. 
I love walking, so, it's always easier for me. Walking will help you to relief stress and also will be a nice calming workout and hey! you're saving bucks to!

Volunteer for campus events/clubs for free food.
A straight away example for this one, I was working for a club this semester and guess what on the big 3 day event it organised, the members got catered free food for the whole three days and I ended up getting a promotion. 

Track, do the math and revise.
Budgeting doesn't come easy. It is an art. So, if you faulter the first time, learn where you went wrong, where you can cut off and where you need to spend more and soon  enough, you'll be a pro at it.

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